Capturing Light

DENTON, TX – 9/25/16 – Photojournalism student Sam Beckett takes a photo of a dumpster (not pictured) under the light of a light post. He takes the picture while kneeling in the damp street as the rain lightens up. Photo: Zendra Morales
DENTON, TX – 9/25/16 – Two men talk in idle conversation and staying dry as rain continues to fall in the Denton Square. The men and chairs are illuminated by the neon of the signs from the bars and coffee shops. Photo: Zendra Morales
DENTON, TX – 9/25/16 – Taken from the rooftop of LSA Burger, cars drive through the Denton Square as the rain stops. The neon from the signs on the Square light up the buildings as wind moves the American Flag. Photo: Zendra Morales