Night spaces


Traveling and Capturing Motion

Artist statement:

We try to create perfect images in our heads of what we think the perfect photo is, trying to have a photo with no motion blur and photos that are in focus and very still. I wanted to create a photo series where I stopped time and captured something time passing as I took the photos.

Not all photos we take are perfect, sometimes they’re always a little off focus from what we thought they were when we look through all the photos taken that day. I’ve always been interested in photos that are blurred and have motion in them. I’ve always photographed anything and everything around me from a few angles, trains and cars are always something I lean towards because there is so much possibility with them. Cars and trains are nonstop travel, you can take pictures of them from the inside – showing where you’re going, what’s in front of you, across the street, or behind you – and you can take them from the outside, trying to freeze the car as if it was just parked in middle of the street or catch them moving with a long shutter speed.

I photographed while driving down a couple streets, went around looking for interesting spots with lighting. I know that I wanted to catch motion blur and have interesting colors in my photos.

I wanted to photograph motion and travel because it’s always something that has drawn my eye, trying to capture the right moment of a moving train, a moving car, driving in the car, catching someone in a blur to show their whole movement. Capturing pictures from the driver seat or as a passenger creates a different narrative and capturing movement in people is different, you can tell a person what to do but they might execute the idea differently that your general thought of it. With modes of transportation, you have a general idea of where they’re going, what they look like and what to look for, they’re very predictable. I wanted to do with my photo series what I try to see every day, to see the motion that is created but if it was seen through a camera lens, if it was seen through someone else’s eyes that maybe other people don’t see.